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Shelf life: il meeting di GSICA



The packaging community meets at “La Lodovica” from 21 to 23 October 2015 Vimercate, Monza about this topic. 2015 will certainly be a very unique year for Milan, hosting city of EXPO 2015, and for Italy as a whole. EXPO 2015 will also be one of the largest event on food and nutrition. During the 6 months of exposition Milan will become a world class showcase to which different Countries will contribute with innovative ideas and solutions in reply to the event main topic: feed the planet, energy for life. GSICA intends to actively participate to the Universal Exposition offering its own contribute. That is the reason why GSICA has decided to group in one single event all the meetings and scientific happenings it usually organizes during the year; such meetings are GSICA’s distinguishing feature making the association a real beacon. The scientific meetings are also expression of GSICA mission: “to encourage the growth and diffusion of a food packaging scientific culture and to skilfully represent the Italian research in international contexts”.
GSICA global event will consist of three main sessions:
• a special SLIM edition (Shelf Life International Meeting, the bi-annual meeting focus on shelf life main issues), named SLIM for YOUNG
• the second edition of AGORÀ, a national forum dedicated to the food packages
• a dissemination event of PRIN 12 project “Long Life, High Sustainability” focused on the shelf life extension as a potential sustainability indicator; the project, endorsed by the Ministry of Education, involves a large number of researchers from different Italian universities.

The conference will be structured on different sessions whose common title will be “Long Life, High Sustainability”. They are seen as the places were significant project results and research activities for Shelf Life Extention will be presented. Each of them will be sub-divided into the following main topics:
New Materials and Technologies for Shelf Life Extension Nanomaterials - Innovative packaging materials – Active packaging – Intelligent packaging – Biosensors – New food processing technologies – New food preservatives
– New techniques for risk reduction – Packaging sustainability – Packaging Waste Disposal – LCA – Recycling…
Shelf Life Testing
Non-invasive analytical techniques – Sensory evaluation techniques – New freshness indicators and quality indexes – Performance of packaging materials – Risk management…
Shelf Life Modelling and Prediction
Shelf Life and quality decay of food and beverages – Protective properties of packaging materials – Kinetics of food quality degradation – Sensorial indexes decay-Predictive microbiology…
Particularly, the sessions will represent also the first dissemination event of the Italian Research Projects “PRIN12 – Long Life, High Sustainability”, involving nine Italian Universities, around the theme of SLE with reference to possible increase of sustainability, reduction of Food Loss  Waste and Food Security scenarios.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: segreteria@gsica.net

Autore: Luca Maria De Nardo

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