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Tutto per cialde e capsule



Dal 12 al 15 maggio scorso il gruppo IMA ha accolto presso la sede di GIMA a Zola Predosa (BO) industrie di marca e co-packer interessati al confezionamento del caffé in cialde morbide e rigide, in capsule, oltre ai sistemi per l’imballaggio secondario (flow-pack con e senza MAP; cartoni dispenser; cartoni per la consegna al PDV) ed anche tecnologie per il pacchetto sia rigido sottovuoto sia morbido per caffé in grani e macinati destinati a macchine tradizionali. L’open house si è tenuta nella sede di GIMA, specialista in complessi sistemi per il confezionamento coffee, confectionary e pharma, in una struttura particolarmente apprezzata per il ridotto impatto ambientale,  il comfort dei collaboratori, l’accoglienza e il valore culturale dato dalle raccolte artisitche presenti a disposizioni di collaboratori, visitatori e fornitori. Sette i sistemi presentati ai visitatori, che hanno approfittato dell’evento per visitare, grazie all’ospitalità di IMA, anche stabilimenti e raccolte storiche di Ducati, Ferrari e Lamborghini, oltre alla città di Bologna.

IMA-Gima plant at zola predosaIMA is hosting a mid-May Open House at GIMA in Zola Predosa (Bologna), Italy. The event will be held between 12 and 15 May 2015, so that the customers may choose a date at their convenience. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the most complete range of coffee packaging solutions ever showcased including capsule fillers, coffee pod packaging machinery, overwrappers, cartoners, casepackers, loading systems and many more solutions. The Open House includes a one-day business event, followed by an optional overnight stay followed by a half-day leisure activity the next day. IMA is organizing tours that include a trip to the Ducati factory & Museum, the Ferrari Museum, and a chance for a breath-taking test ride in a Lamborghini. Covering as many aspects as possible of coffee packaging, bringing the best of IMA technology, we will be showcasing the following machines during the Open House:

GIMA 590 – Capsule Filler
The GIMA 590 machine is the reliable and cost effective option, designed for low production volumes. It’s a rotary machine with a compact footprint, thus ensuring a remarkable space saving. The machine has the same technical solutions as those of the well-known GIMA 595, top-of-the-range capsule filler, and can handle both injected and thermoformed capsules of different dimensions. Three different models will be on show:
– GIMA 590 coffee capsule filler in line with ILAPAK VEGATRONIC 2300 OF –
Vertical bagger
– GIMA 590 capsule filler for soluble products
– GIMA 590 capsule filler for tea

ILAPAK CARRERA 2000 DC – Horizontal Flow Wrapper for coffee capsules
A horizontal flow wrapper HFFS with a fully versatile design to cover a wide range of applications. All machine moving parts are driven by servo motors thanks to its electronic industrial PC platform. Its design and heavy duty construction allows the CARRERA 2000 to be used as standalone flow wrapping but also to be integrated in an automatic flow wrapping system.

IMA CA6 – Coffee pod Packaging machine
The new IMA CA6 is the most simple and compact monobloc available on the market able to produce, in modified and conditioned atmosphere, 130 soft or hard pods per minute containing coffee on a single line. The line provides for pod protection by inserting it into a heatsealed outer envelope; while final packaging is achieved by programmable counting and fully automatic cartoning.

ILAPAK VT2000OF – Vertical Bagger for coffee beans
ILAPAK’s Vegatronic 2000 Open Frame is today’s most innovative and high-tech VFFS machine. It’s a high-quality, high-end range machine with excellent sanitary design. Ideal to run a wide variety of pack styles including Doypacks and transverse zipper bags with both heat seal and ultrasonic sealing solutions available.

GIMA FTB577-C – Cartoner for oriented capsules
The FTB577-C can package any kind of capsules with great flexibility and in many different configurations. Together with the GIMA filling and sealing machine, the FTB577-C represents for our customers an excellent choice as a turnkey solution. Top loading high-speed forming and filling display box machine with double flat blank cartons which ensures low procurement costs compared to a pre-glued carton.

BFB A100 – Automatic Overwrapping machine
Automatic wrapper with servo-driven movements specifically designed to wrap cartons, trays and other parallelepiped products with heatsealable materials from reel or cellophane, PP, PVC. The machine meets the request of reduced overall dimension, accessibility, a very easy size change over procedure and maximum reliability.

BFB CP18 – Automatic Case packing machine
Side loading case packer, suitable for the packaging of individual or bundled products into pre-glued RS cases. The machine footprint is extremely compact and it is the ideal solution in case of space restrictions at the end of the line.

Autore: Luca Maria De Nardo

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